Why Use A Broker?

Why you should use a broker for your insurance.

Many companies, houses and people are not properly insured. This means you are either paying for cover you don’t need, or you are not adequately insured. By using an experienced broker you can avoid those risks and costs .

Carpol Insurance Consultants are proud of the professional, personal service we give our customers. This incorporates assessing your requirements, finding the best policy, and helping you in the unfortunate event of needing to make a claim.

We recognise that claims do happen. At what can be a traumatic time, we appreciate that you want the confidence of dealing with someone who will provide you with a personal service, not just a remote call centre dealing with thousands of calls.

We have direct contacts with many of  the major insurance companies. Because we take the responsibility for getting the right risk information for the insurance company, and because of the volume of business we do with them, we have access to a wide variety of specialist policies that are not available on-line or to other brokers . Often these policies are more cost effective than those onlinebecause the insurance company does not have to employ their own people to check the policies, process the documentation and deal with claims.

When was the last time your broker visited your business?

For commercial insurance we look to maintain an ongoing dialogue and regular site visits to ensure that you have the right insurance cover for your business. It is surprising how few brokers do visit regularly and how often we find companies are not properly insured, or paying for insurance they do not need.

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